UConn students competing for the placement of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in the final round of the open rated section during the NNGP qualifier held on 2/10.

Top Board: Roman Rychkov (1927*) vs. Ben Amar (1906*)
Bottom Board: Alex Palvinski (1600*) vs. Isaiah Glessner (1670*)
* indicates ratings at time of event and prior to Amateur East 2019

Welcome to the UConn Chess Club!

The old website (https://www.uconnchess.uconn.edu/) is currently in the process of being decommissioned. For visitors who would check this site previously, the information found on it was outdated and we are aware of this.

Moving forward, this website will now serve as the lead website for UConn Chess Club. It is currently under progress and being updated slowly but surely. Most of the information that can be found currently on this website are remnants of the old website that was backed up. For any inquiries about UConn Chess, setting up events, or any general questions, please email the following address found down below:

akhil.george@uconn.edu (please be sure to CC eric.hilhorst@uconn.edu when sending emails)

Spring 2019 Chess Club:

Location -- Castleman room 204

Time -- 8:00 to 9:30/10 PM on Thursdays


  • UConn Hosts K-12 State Chess Championships
    On May 21, 2011 a total of 36 students came to the UConn Storrs campus to compete in the Connecticut K-12 High School Chess Championships. This year fielded a diverse array of players, ranging from seasoned National Master Harry Wheeler to first-grader Tyrell Staples. Numerous other elementary and middle school students participated in the tournament […]
  • New Site Launched
    We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Built on the the university Aurora service, this new version of our site sports a modern look, faster loading times, and works on all mobile and tablet devices.

Upcoming Events

  1. May 20 A Special Exhibit for Art Connection Studio All Day
  2. May 20 Annual Compliance and Ethics Training All Day
  3. May 20 Art Exhibit in Celeste LeWitt Gallery (North Side of the Food Court) All Day
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