Thomas E. Hartmayer Memorial registration Form

Registration Form

Thomas E. Hartmayer Memorial

Please Fill in the Form Below and Send by Mail, with check, to Jan van de Mortel

                   Open ______                U1825  ________

Name:  Last_____________________________________, First____________________________

Address:   Street________________________ City/Town___________________ State___ Zip_____

E-Mail Address_________________________________________


Byes: Rounds 1-4 (no last round byes) BYES ROUND _______

Fee:  $60 if received by 06/04/16; $80 cash onsite.

TOTAL PAID_____________

United State Chess Federation Membership (USCF) REQUIRED.*     

USCF MEMBERSHIP #____________________ USCF RATING _____________________

If not a USCF member, you must join, see link below.*

*US Chess Federation (USCF) Membership REQUIRED to play in this Tournament.

*Please Print and make check payable to Jan van de Mortel, 233 Hanks Hill Road, Storrs, CT 06268

June 5 Thomas E. Hartmayer Memorial (20Grand Prix Points)

5SS, G40d5,  Castleman Building, University of Connecticut, 261 Glenbrook Road, Storrs CT, 06269. $2,500 guaranteed prizes.  Sections: Open $500 (+$100 clear 1st bonus) $300 $200 $150; 1st U2225-$150, 1st U2025-$150; U1825 $300-$200-$150-$100; 1st U1625-$100, 1st U1325 $100.  EF:$60 if received by 6/4/16; $80 cash onsite (8:15-9am).  Byes: Rounds 1-4 if requested by 9am.  Questions: Jan van de Mortel at 860-617-7584 or